It felt like she was treating me, not the condition.

“I would definitely recommend Dr. Simma-Chiang. She’s one of the best doctor’s I’ve seen.” One of Dr. Vannita Simma-Chiang’s male patients, Alex, had experienced unsuccessful visits with two other urologists. Alex then found Dr. Simma-Chiang through his online insurance portal and decided to make an appointment with her after reviewing her educational background, past experience, and publications; all of which he found impressive. When Alex met with Dr. Simma-Chiang she was positive and friendly. “It felt like she was treating me, not the condition. It’s important when looking for doctors that you find someone who can step back from the medical and realize that they’re treating a patient, not just a condition. She had a phenomenal grasp on that and she also spent a lot of time looking for out of the box causes to see what was going on with me.”