Mount Sinai Daily

Mount Sinai Daily is a new employee communications platform that is designed to reach every employee where they want to be reached—on their desktop or on their mobile phones—with Health System news and information that is targeted and job-specific. Mount Sinai employees can add “the Daily” to your personal mobile phones to access the news and information most relevant to you. Participation is completely voluntary.

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Access via Mobile Phone
(Click or scan QR code below, or search for “Mount Sinai Daily” in your mobile phone’s app store)

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Download Mount Sinai Daily for Android
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More on Mount Sinai Daily
Mount Sinai Daily will be the central location for all Mount Sinai employee news. In addition to many of the important communications previously accessible only via broadcast email messages, you will find new content focused on helping you stay connected and feel supported at Mount Sinai including site-specific news, daily wellness calendars, café menus, updates from nursing leadership, and more. Users can follow the topics most relevant to them.

Also, for the first time, all employees will have access to our communications in the language of their choice—if your phone is set to a language other than English, Mount Sinai Daily will automatically provide translations into that language.

Who is Mount Sinai Daily for? 
Mount Sinai Daily is open to all Mount Sinai employees except, initially, for those at Mount Sinai South Nassau. We plan to open it up to South Nassau staff and to students, voluntaries, and subcontractors in the next phase.  

Users can log in with their Mount Sinai username and password or a personal email and life number.