A Heartfelt Thank You and Clinical Trial Success

Dear Dr Guttman:

Hello and thank you for getting me into the JAK1 Inhibitor trial. As you know, my immune system is easily susceptible to eczema and has been haywire for years. I have been a walking wreck. During that time, I have used countless topical steroids with no lasting positive effect. From there, I went onto Cosentyx and Dupixent.

As you may recall, we quickly saw that Cosentyx had marginal positive impact. I was then moved to Dupixent, which surprisingly negated the reoccurrence of eczema for nearly three years. However, for some strange reason, its effectiveness just collapsed. In contrast, the Jak1 Inhibitor has been resounding in its effectiveness and so soon. As I pen this testimonial, it has been 75 days since starting the trial, and my skin is totally free of eczema. There is absolutely no inflammation anywhere on my body. My skin is not terribly dry. I have absolutely no anxiety. My sleep is deep and long. And I am able to concentrate extremely well and get more work completed. Neither Cosentyx nor Dupixent had such an impact and so soon. For now, we have a big success in such a short time. Only time will tell of its lasting effect.

Thank you once again for being the awesome physician you are.

Ira Moseley