NYC Marathon Runner Credits Mount Sinai Pain Management Doctor

I Could Not Have Finished the NYC Marathon without Dr. Danesh

On Sunday, November 2nd, at 3:01pm, I crossed the finish line of the 2014 New York City Marathon in under four and a half hours. The very first person I wanted to thank for helping me accomplish this goal was my Pain management Doctor, Houman Danesh, MD – I hope my wife doesn't see this. If it weren't for Dr. Danesh, I would never have been able to run the 26.2 miles.

My Pain Management Treatment Plan Allowed Me to Push Through

NYC Marathon Runner Credits Mount Sinai Pain Management DoctorI had been dealing with excruciating neck, shoulder and back pain since the early summer, which all turned out to be connected to a torn labrum in my right shoulder. All of the arm pumping I do while running was not making the condition any better either.

Anything beyond 10 miles would have my shoulder, arm and back muscles feeling like they were on fire. Knowing that I had my mind and heart set on running the marathon, Dr. Danesh came up with a treatment and Pain Management plan to get me through the arduous months of training. This included some physical therapy, cortisone shots, determining the right medications, developing cream concoctions and even pushing me to do some unintentional, very unorthodox, training methods. For example, the focus it took to get my claustrophobia in check during the 45-minutes of being inside an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) tube, to confirm the labrum tear, helped me realize that I could make it through the toughest mental challenges during the five-borough course. Most of all, Dr. Danesh always calmed my anxiety, letting me know that we would attack the shoulder pain with a procedure requiring rehab after the marathon, and in the meantime, he promised to figure out a way to get me ready for the big day.

Thank You Dr. Danesh

At 3:02 pm on November 2nd, a volunteer put the NYC Marathon Finisher's medal over my head. My shoulder and back were very sore but, I was feeling great. Thank you for everything Doc and, in case my wife reading, thank you too honey!