Breathing Freely after Septoplasty

For years I've had issues with my breathing.  It started when I was a teenager when I was unable to breathe out of my right nostril.  It never dawned on me that I had a deviated septum, but once I entered my twenties I thought that was likely the issue.  This was a natural deviation that occurred over time.  I learned to cope with my abnormal breathing habits and never explored the option of getting the problem fixed.

patient storymy late 20's I would frequently have trouble breathing when I was sleeping, exercising, and engaging in everyday activities.  I decided to take action and go see a specialist for further advice and to receive input on potential solutions to resolve my breathing problem.  I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Anthony Del Signore at Mount Sinai, whom I found online through a find-a-doctor web portal.

Smooth Consult, Septoplasty Solution 

My first appointment was very eye opening.  He carefully showed me where the problem resided in my nose, provided excellent detail, was patient, and walked me through every possible solution.  I suspected surgery was necessary but was very hesitant; however, after the first meeting we agreed to take that route and scheduled the appointment.

He also recommended me to gather input from another doctor to see what was in my best interest in terms of the type of surgery that was needed.  We ended up going with the septoplasty procedure, but it was nice having the opportunity to explore additional options. It also was also reassuring to know I wasn't being pressured.

In terms of scheduling the surgery, Dr. Del Signore was extremely accommodating to my availability.  He also did a good job making himself available to answer any questions I had in between our first appointment and the surgery.

The actual day of the surgery was a great experience.  I hadn't undergone a procedure as severe as a septoplasty in years, so inevitably, I was nervous. The staff at Mount Sinai was extremely friendly, caring, and on time.  Dr. Del Signore also gave me a run down on EXACTLY what he was doing. From the time I arrived at the hospital until the time I left, everyone I encountered at Mount Sinai was very comforting.

Breathing Freely after Seamless Appointment, Evaluation and Surgery at Mount Sinai 

After the surgery, I had all the information I needed to take care of the tender area and medicine to help with the pain. I followed up with Dr. Del Signore for my first post op appointment one week later. He removed stints that were in my nose and it was the first time I could breathe through my right nostril since I could remember. It was an exciting feeling.

A month went by and I was basically 100 percent. I couldn't believe that two months prior I had yet to even schedule an appointment with a specialist to see what could be done to help my breathing. The evaluation, scheduling, and surgical procedure were surprisingly not stressful experiences. For that, it was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I now will be able to breathe naturally for the rest of my life (in theory).  I want to thank Dr. Del Signore and the Mount Sinai staff for making it possible and would recommend their team to anybody.

John Sullivan