Thoughtful Care Received after Cancer Diagnosis

Several years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and I felt lucky that I lived across the river from the self-proclaimed #1 cancer hospital in the country. However, after two years of ineffective, protocol bound treatment, I secured a referral to Dr. Edward Kim and his team at Mount Sinai.

Unlike my previous experience, Dr. Kim treated me with concern and as a person, rather than a statistic in a category of diseases. More importantly, it soon became clear that he was a brilliant physician. I later learned that he was world-renowned in his field.

I have received treatment from him for several years now and I unhesitatingly recommend him to friends and family who receive the dreaded cancer diagnosis. The individualized and skillful treatment by Dr. Kim and his staff are unmatched. I consider myself blessed to be in their care.   

- John M. Bowens