Propranolol and Laser Therapy: A Winning Combination to Treat Hemangioma

When our daughter was five weeks old we noticed a small mark under her eye. Over the course of just weeks this mark grew quickly into what our pediatrician would tell us was a hemangioma. She did not recommend that we seek any treatment. Not being comfortable with this, we sought support in considering other options. We were incredibly lucky to find Gregory Levitin, MD. Immediately upon meeting him I knew we were doing the right thing. Dr. Levitin has a perfect balance of knowledge and compassion and developed a treatment plan for us that we felt extremely comfortable with.

“Ainsley came to me showing signs of early hemangioma,” said Dr. Levitin, “and while the pediatrician initially told the parents not to worry about it, the location of the growth so close to the eye was cause for concern because it could have grown much larger. Her treatment plan consisted of medical therapy using topical propranolol and laser therapy. This combined approach to treat the hemangioma stopped its growth and resulted in complete reversal of the growth, and Ainsley achieved normal appearance by 10 months of age.”

After four incredibly easy laser treatments, our daughter's birthmark is gone. At every treatment appointment Dr. Levitin was informative, patient, and incredibly reassuring. We are so lucky to have found a doctor who is genuinely passionate about his practice and his patients. We will be forever grateful to him for helping us make the first important decision for our daughter.

- Tara Curran