A Family Cries for Joy After a Successful Cath Procedure

Ariana, age 6

"The thanks is all owed to the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Heart Center. We have been on a long journey with Ariana (though she is only 6 years old). In her 6 years, we have seen almost every specialty of doctor, have been to countless visits and have had multiple hospital procedures etc.

When we came to you in February it was with a heavy heart (no pun intended), having been given a blow that she needed open heart surgery after years of believing she did not. Given Ariana's congenital heart defect and other bumps in the road, we are used to bad news.

The Mount Sinai Kravis Children's Heart Center team's willingness to try the cath procedure provided us with a glimmer of hope after agonizing news. When Dr. Pass came out of the procedure on that Monday saying you were done, I was certain you meant you could not close the ASD with a device. After you left from telling us the good news, I finally allowed myself to exhale and cry for joy.

On Passover we sing a song Dayenu thanking god for all the wonderful things he has done. The gist of it is, had you only done x, it would have been enough, but you continued to do more."

Cheryl, Ariana’s mother