Wiener Family Palliative Care Unit

The mission of our new Palliative Care Unit – the only one of its kind in Manhattan – is to provide high quality, compassionate care for hospital patients and families facing serious illness. We believe that beauty, quiet, light, privacy and a clinical staff specially trained to meet the needs of our patients are important to healing. Our team is focused on ensuring that:

  • Your pain and other symptoms are expertly treated
  • You are provided with the necessary information about your illness, your treatment choices, and your doctor’s opinions so that you stay in control of your care
  • You and your family’s emotional, spiritual and practical needs are supported
  • You and your family receive the help you need to help organize your care both in and out of the hospital.

Our specialized unit gives patients and families a safe haven within Mount Sinai to regain control, regroup, and work with our team to develop a safe and supportive plan for leaving the hospital. We work with you to ensure that these plans not only address your medical needs but also you and your family’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs as well. 

The unit consists of eight private patient rooms with picture windows of Central Park. Family members can be accommodated overnight. Two rooms are available for patients who need more intensive monitoring. Other amenities for families include:

  • Comfortable living room-style common area
  • Kitchen/pantry 
  • Quiet room for private discussions
  • Bathroom with showers
  • Unrestricted visiting hours