The Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board

The Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board is a subcommittee of the Boards of Trustees of the Mount Sinai Health System. We are a self-funded entity whose primary purpose is to enhance patient care through seed funding of social services programs, volunteerism, and education. We provide supplementary help by supporting clinical and educational programs that have a vital impact on The Mount Sinai Hospital, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and the populations we serve.

Board Education

The Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board invites medical, administrative, and program leadership from The Mount Sinai Hospital and Icahn Mount Sinai to present on a wide range of topics such as cutting-edge developments, research, women and children’s health, social work projects, and programs targeting underserved communities. These educational presentations help inform the selection of projects funded as well as the volunteer positions that many members hold throughout the health system.

The Auxiliary Board plays a pivotal role in the hospital and medical school by responding to the evolving needs in health care through our project funding. Our seed funding of projects has launched multiple programs that have run for decades, served as models around the country, and expanded to become vital services within our community. During COVID-19 we updated and streamlined our grant review process, allowing us to be nimble and responsive during a time of crisis.

The Future

The Mount Sinai Auxiliary Board continues to grow and evolve, honoring our history while also responding to health care’s rapidly changing needs. With an eye to the future, it holds a renewed emphasis on both diversity and health equity. The board strives to have a positive impact on the hospital, medical school, and community.