The Mount Sinai Department of Pharmacy

With 125 pharmacists and a total staff of 225, the Department of Pharmacy at Mount Sinai provides a number of services to various departments. The Department of Pharmacy facilitates patient-focused care in Cardiology, Medicine, Critical Care, Oncology, Bone Marrow and Organ Transplant, Psychiatry, Neurology, Infectious Diseases, GI/Surgical Specialties, Perioperative Services, Maternal-Child Health, Rehabilitation Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Ambulatory Oncology infusion, Therapeutic Infusion and Genetics Infusion services.

The Department of Pharmacy at Mount Sinai also provides a variety of professional pharmacy services, including:

  • Satellite pharmacy services to all patient care areas
  • The Drug Information Center
  • Investigational drug service
  • Clinical Oncology, Organ Transplant, Pediatric, and Infectious Diseases services
  • Ambulatory Oncology, Therapeutic Infusion and Genetics Infusion service
  • Adverse drug reaction reporting
  • Medication use evaluation programs
  • Robotic unit-dose distribution
  • Chemotherapy and total parenteral nutrition services
  • IV admixture service
  • Bulk manufacturing