Decentralized Services

The pharmacy satellites are open seven days a week between 7:30 am and 11:30 pm. After hours, services are provided by the inpatient pharmacy, which operates 24 hours a day.


The pharmacy department services the Women & Children’s Division through two satellite pharmacies. The pharmacists and technicians in these satellites perform both clinical and distributive functions, working with other health care providers on the pediatric and post-partum obstetric units. As a safety and quality assurance measure, individual pediatric doses are prepared by pharmacists and double-checked before delivery to the patient units. The pharmacists routinely interact with the physicians and nurses to provide information about the patients' medications and answer questions about drug therapy as they arise.

In the pediatric and neonatal intensive care satellites, the pharmacists work with the medical and nursing staff, assisting them as they provide care to the most critically ill young patients. In addition to the distributive function, the pharmacists also provide pharmacokinetic consultations for antibiotics to ensure effective and safe therapy while minimizing toxicity.


The Oncology Care Center provides pharmaceutical care for patients with solid organ, gynecologic, and hematological cancers. The care center also includes a bone marrow transplant unit which treats both adult and pediatric patients. With support from a clinical pharmacist specializing in oncology, the pharmacists and technicians in the Oncology Satellite Pharmacy work closely with other providers to deliver the best possible care to patients. All chemotherapy orders are comprehensively reviewed by the pharmacist to insure appropriate dosage. The pharmacy also maintains a complete medication record for each patient treated at the Oncology Care Center.

ICU/General Medicine

The ICU/General Medicine Satellites provide pharmaceutical services to most of the Guggenheim Pavilion, including Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital. They are also supported by university-based faculty members that specialize in clinical areas. The ICU satellite provides daily services to all the adult intensive care units, including the Cardiothoracic, Cardiosurgical, Medical, Surgical, and Neurosurgical ICUs, as well as the Coronary and Transplant Units.

The General Medicine satellites provide services to Respiratory Care, Cardiac, Vascular, Stroke, GI, ENT, Geriatric, Orthopedic, and HIV patients.