Weight Management

Our weight management team is dedicated to helping you lose weight and keeping it off. Your team consists of doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and exercise professionals who collaborate for your benefit. We help you do what it takes to stimulate your weight loss and reinvigorate your health.

Our Weight Loss Management Program revolves around you. At Union Square, as we get to know you and understand your preferences and goals, your team of expert endocrinologists, nurses, nutritionists, and exercise physiologists will help you understand, nourish, and move your body for positive results.

Along with lifestyle modifications, we may suggest weight-loss medication and a consultation with our bariatric surgeons, if appropriate.

The Right Approach for You

Can you envision a team of experts dedicated to helping you manage your weight? Would that make a difference to you? We believe so.

Union Square’s Weight Loss Program director, endocrinologist, Sophia Hu, MD and our licensed nutritionist, Jayme Schwartz, MSRD, meet with you monthly. We get to know you and introduce you to other professionals who provide holistic care that truly takes care of you. We personalize your weight loss plan based on your needs. You will also meet with exercise physiologist, Gerardo E Miranda-Comas, MD, to help you move and exercise comfortably and safely.

At Mount Sinai-Union Square, you have a team of experts who realize you are an individual on a very personal journey. We help you find your way toward health, happiness, and satisfaction.

One Step at a Time

To make progress, we first evaluate your current health and understand your patterns of weight gain and possible health complications. We measure your body’s composition and how it burns calories. With that information, you will meet regularly with your doctor and nutritionist.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery, we refer you to one of our expert bariatric surgeons to explore if surgery makes sense for you.

Smart Nutrition

Smart nutrition is nutrition that works for you.

Our licensed nutritionist, Jayme Schwartz, MSRD, helps you move forward with healthy eating by understanding what kind of changes you feel you can make. Then we provide information and resources to help you build on each incremental win you experience in making healthy choices. With our guidance, you will learn how to enjoy balanced meals and how to hydrate your body.

You meet with us once a month. However, if a check-in call in between appointments or a four- to six-week visit schedule works for you and helps you stay on track, we will set that up. We want this program to work for you.

We believe that as you change your eating habits, you will feel better, lose weight, and change your body composition. Starting with your first appointment, we use a SECA scale to measure your level of hydration, body fat, and lean body mass. After that, you see how your body is changing as we measure your body composition every three months.

For Your Health

As a comprehensive Weight Loss Management Program, our specialists also treat any related health issues you have. We refer you to Mount Sinai doctors who treat Type 2 diabetes, acid reflux (GERD), sleep apnea, joint disease, back pain, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure (hypertension), and fatty liver disease. To fully support your medical, emotional, nutritional, and physical health, we also refer you to psychologists and psychiatrists as appropriate.

Our clinical coordinators will help you coordinate your appointments, making your journey through the program as convenient as possible for you.