Mount Sinai Weight Management

At Mount Sinai, we understand that maintaining a healthy weight can be a life-long journey. Led by Medical Director Reshmi I Srinath, MD, a former nationally ranked Division 1 tennis player, we use a multi-disciplinary approach. Our team consists of physicians, nutritionists, clinical pharmacists, nurses, and exercise physiologists who are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

We believe weight goals should be tailored to the individual person, and focused on reducing the risk of weight-related health complications.

Personalized Approach

At Mount Sinai, we approach your care by focusing on you: your medical and emotional needs and preferences. The first step is to perform an evaluation. This will include:

  • Comprehensive review of your medical history where we assess patterns of weight gain, risk factors, and complications
  • Physical examination
  • Bloodwork to assess for hormonal causes of weight gain, as well as risk of diabetes and other complications of weight gain
  • Measurement of your body’s ability to burn calories (resting metabolic rate). We might refer you to the Mount Sinai Physiolab for further body composition and exercise testing.

The next step is weight management. We work closely with you to develop the approach that best meets your needs. Approaches might include:

  • Optimization of any chronic medications so you can avoid ones that might cause weight gain
  • Consultation with a nutritionist to review eating habits and calorie intake, and work with you to develop a personalized meal plan
  • Individual or group support meetings with experts in diet and exercise
  • Individualized recommendations for physical activity that take into account your day to day activity level
  • Use of U.S. Food and Drug Administration-approved weight loss medications
  • Referral for endoscopic or surgical management of weight, if appropriate

For Referring Physicians

If you would like to refer a patient to the Mount Sinai Weight and Metabolism Management Program, please call our office at 212-241-3422. Our staff will arrange for a prompt appointment. Our physicians are committed to fitting in new patients within four weeks.

Please provide the referring physician’s contact information. We also ask that you send us any medical records, including lab results, from within the last year.

You can fax your records to our practice at 212-423-0508. We approach cases in a collaborative manner and would be happy to work with you in providing ongoing care for your patient.

For Self-Referring Patients

If you would like to see one of our providers to discuss your concerns about your weight or would like a second opinion from one of our expert physicians, you can call our office to set an appointment with our care team. Before your appointment, please send us a copy of any lab results and records you may have within the last year. You can fax this information to 212-423-0508.

Our Research

Our physician-scientists are dedicated to finding advancements in patient care. We will share any appropriate clinical trials at your visit. Participating in a clinical trials gives you access to the very latest techniques and approaches; these are not available everywhere.