Martha Stewart Center for Living

Clinical Care

Based at The Martha Stewart Center for Living, the Phyllis and Lee Coffey Geriatrics Practice is a primary care practice that specializes in treating the health problems of older adults. We also offer activities, classes, and programs designed to help older adults remain energetic.

Our clinical care team works together to deliver comprehensive care. This team includes physicians specializing in geriatric medicine and palliative care, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social workers, and medical assistants who work together to deliver comprehensive care. On-site physician specialists such as cardiologists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, and psychiatrists are consulted as needed. The interdisciplinary team focuses on helping patients throughout a variety of services that promote:

  • Enhancement of function
  • Intensive symptom management 
  • Physical and psychological comfort
  • Psychosocial, spiritual, and emotional support for patients and their families 

The social workers at The Martha Stewart Center for Living can offer guidance on needed government and insurance supports and services, as well as on managing stress associated with caring for family members. They can also refer to and coordinate additional support and palliative care services, provided through the Lilian and Benjamin Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute

Healthy Living Activities/Integrative Medicine 

There is a substantial and growing demand by patients to participate directly in their own healing and health maintenance. Patients of The Martha Stewart Center for Living can participate in activities and classes including:

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction
  • Nutrition planning
  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Fall prevention

We offer special seminars on topics such as financial tips for seniors, long-term care insurance, advance care planning and advance directives, as well as advice and information for family caregivers.