Whether you have an acute or chronic skin condition, or over time, you just want your skin to appear younger, the dermatologists at Mount Sinai-Union Square can help. Our world-renowned experts offer the latest and most effective medical and cosmetic treatments for the skin. As part of the extensive Mount Sinai Health System, we can connect you directly with one of our dermatology clinical trials for the possibility of better results for even the most persistent symptoms.

Conditions We Treat

We medically treat skin conditions, including:

  • Acne—Swollen and inflamed sebaceous glands causing pimples or nodules are associated with adolescence, but can occur at any age. We take a fully integrated approach in treating you or your child, including topical treatments, injections, phototherapy, and oral medications as appropriate for your skin.
  • Alopecia—Hair loss that occurs for any of a variety of reasons, such as when the immune system attacks hair follicles as a result of stress, medications you are taking, or an underlying medical condition. We treat your hair loss with oral or topical therapies.
  • Eczema (atopic dermatitis)—An itchy skin condition, eczema may be associated with allergies and is characterized by scaly, itching patches that can occur in babies. It is important to treat eczema symptoms to avoid the development of psoriasis. We treat it with topical and oral therapies, as well as phototherapy.
  • Psoriasis—A genetic autoimmune disease, psoriasis is like eczema with red itchy patches and the added discomfort of a burning sensation. We treat it with topical and injection therapies, and phototherapy.
  • Vitiligo—An autoimmune disease also known as hypopigmentation, vitiligo causes pigment loss with patches of skin appearing lighter than your normal skin color at any age. We treat it topically, with phototherapy, laser, and grafting, as well as vitamin therapies.

Treatments We Offer

We provide the latest treatments for skin conditions, both those considered diseases and those considered cosmetic in nature. Our focus is always on your quality of life.

Medical care
To cure skin diseases and relieve symptoms, we use a full range of medical treatments, such as:

  • Phototherapy—Light therapy that treats a variety of conditions, including vitiligo, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Biologics—Injectable medications to improve skin conditions that are symptoms of autoimmune disease and psoriasis
  • Mohs—Microscopically controlled surgery that removes common types of skin cancer, such as basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC)

For autoimmune conditions, we work closely with the Autoimmune Diseases Center at Mount Sinai — Union Square.

Cosmetic rejuvenation
Aging appears in the skin as wrinkles, loss of muscle tone, and sun damage on your face, hands, or chest. You will receive the finest cosmetic treatment from our expert dermatologists, who can treat you with skin care regimes including:

  • Chemical peels—A solution applied to skin that evens skin tone, and smooths and softens rough skin
  • Botox®—Injections that remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles
  • Fillers—Injections that fill lines and creases to plump and lift
  • Laser—High-energy focused beams of intense light and heat treatments that reduce wrinkles, pigmentation, and blemishes
  • Topical treatments—Substances applied to the skin that improve your skin’s appearance

Clinical Trials

Mount Sinai Dermatology consistently demonstrates excellence in research and high-level expertise in treating a wide variety of skin conditions. All our dermatologists are on the faculty of the renowned Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Ask your dermatologist at Mount Sinai-Union Square if there is a clinical trial that would be appropriate for you.