Weight Loss Management Program

Weight loss is a very personal journey. Whether you have struggled with losing weight or are ready to start trying, the comprehensive Weight Loss Management Program at Mount Sinai-Union Square is here to help you. Step by step, this program offers you guidance in taking the steps needed to lose weight and revitalize your health. The beauty of our program is that skilled and compassionate medical doctors develop a personalized weight loss program that is just right for you.

Expert Personal Care

As a comprehensive Weight Loss Management Program, you have access to a team of weight loss experts—endocrinologists and bariatric surgeons—dedicated to your health. We also refer you to other Mount Sinai specialists conveniently located at Union Square to treat any related health issues you may have. Diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, and pain in your joints and back are some of the conditions that our team can help you reverse through weight loss and medical care.

You Have Choices

Our program offers you several ways to meet your goals: bariatric surgery as well as non-surgical weight management such as nutritional counseling and pain management so you can be more active.