Infusion Therapy

The Mount Sinai-Union Square Therapeutic Infusion Center offers comprehensive infusion therapy for adults. Our experienced teams of doctors and nurses use the latest research to design a treatment that meets your individual needs. 

What is Infusion Therapy?
Infusion therapy is the preferred form of treatment when you require medications for a serious or chronic condition that cannot be given orally. With infusion therapy, we inject the medication directly into your veins. 

At the Mount Sinai-Union Square Infusion Center, we treat a variety of conditions with infusion therapy, including gastrointestinal disorders, neurological disorders, rheumatologic disorders, anemia, and some types of immune deficiencies. We use infusions to provide antibiotics, anti-coagulation therapy, anti-emetics, hydration, and nutrients such as iron. 

Multidisciplinary Approach

Our Infusion Center team includes highly trained physicians, nurses, and on-site pharmacists. We collaborate with experts throughout the Mount Sinai Health System in clinical immunology, gastroenterology, neurology, endocrinology, rheumatology, dermatology, geriatrics, and other specialties to ensure we meet your individual needs. We offer access to advanced treatment options as they are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Our pharmacists are an integral part of the Infusion Center team. They compound each customized infusion, tell you what to expect from your infusions, and coordinate care with our nurses and nurse practitioners.

Personalized Treatment

Mount Sinai-Union Square provides the convenience of a downtown Manhattan location and a comfortable and safe environment. A licensed clinician will provide direct and personal care for you. An advanced practice nurse will also be available throughout your time in the infusion suite. If you have any questions, a member of our clinical care team will be happy to answer them and make sure you are comfortable. The day after you receive your first infusion, one of our nurses will call you to see how you are doing. 

We offer complimentary lunch, snacks, and beverages.

We Can Help

We encourage you to contact us at 844-9-INFUSE at any time if you have concerns or questions. New patients will need a referral from their primary care physician.