Bariatric Surgery

The Weight Loss Management Program at Union Square has a team of expert bariatric surgeons who will consult with you and evaluate if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery. If you are eligible, we help you get ready for weight loss surgery and together will discuss the best surgical procedure for you.

Surgical Options

Based on your lifestyle, weight goals, and current health, your surgeon will perform the procedure best for you. Our surgeons most often do the following types of bariatric surgery:

  • Gastric sleeve—helps with weight loss by restricting your food intake. Your surgeon removes approximately three quarters of your stomach, making it the shape of a sleeve, which holds less food than before surgery. Gastric sleeve procedures often improve Type 2 diabetes, and many patients lose between 25 and 30 percent of total body weight within one to two years after sleeve gastrectomy.
  • Gastric bypass—is effective in achieving and maintaining significant weight loss, treating acid reflux, and curing diabetes by changing how your body absorbs nutrients. Your surgeon divides your stomach and creates a smaller pouch that cannot hold as much food as your stomach did before surgery; food bypasses part of the stomach and intestines during digestion. Gastric bypass surgery helps patients lose approximately 30 percent of total body weight over one to two years after gastric bypass.

In addition, we offer gastric band, duodenal switch, endoscopic techniques, and revision procedures. And when appropriate, our surgeons use minimally invasive laparoscopic and robotic weight loss techniques that reduce scarring and shorten your recovery time.

Beyond Surgery

Your surgeon and entire health care team will help you prepare for surgery and guide you in setting positive and realistic goals to lose weight. By adopting new eating patterns with the help of our bariatric dietician and by being physically active, you enhance your post-surgical success. 

We encourage you to participate in one of our postoperative support groups. Having the support of others who have been through this process is a great way to achieve happiness and success. Please visit our Events Calendar to find our next session.