Mount Sinai Health Home

Mount Sinai Health Home Care Management is a free service that integrates and coordinates health care for Medicaid patients. Funded by the New York Department of Health, the program is designed to improve the quality of care while lowering cost. Mount Sinai Health Home Care Management partners with Community Care Management Partners (CCMP).

If you are eligible and decide to enroll in Mount Sinai’s Health Home Care Management program, you will be provided with a Care Manager who will oversee and coordinate any medical, behavioral, and long-term care services required. The Care Manager will help you develop a care plan that best addresses your needs; they are there to help you get the most out of your plan, improve your health, and take ownership of your care. Other services provided by our care managers include:

  • Connecting all elements of care including primary care doctors, specialists, housing programs, social workers, mental health providers, substance use and addiction services, and HIV services
  • Identifying additional ways to maintain health and access to care and social or community services
  • Finding and selecting services that better support improved health and ongoing health maintenance
  • Assisting with appointments and scheduling transportation
  • Helping members adhere to appointment and medication schedules
  • Improving efficiency while decreasing overuse of services
  • Transitioning members from hospitals to the community

If you have Medicaid and would like to enroll in the Health Home Program, contact us toll free at 212-241-7228. We will discuss any questions you have and explore your eligibility for Health Home enrollment or other Services that might be the best fit for you.

Enrollment in the Health Home program is free and voluntary. It does not change your insurance, providers, or benefits. You can withdraw consent at any time.