The Department of Health Education

The Mount Sinai Department of Health Education believes that all individuals deserve access to the knowledge, tools, skills, and resources needed to live healthy and fulfilling lives.
Health education can empower individuals and families to achieve better health outcomes while addressing population-level health disparities and inequities. We work with our colleagues across the hospital system, as well as our community partners, to help individuals take ownership of their health and the health of their communities. 

We offer internal consultation and programming services to strengthen Mount Sinai Health System initiatives.
Leveraging our shared commitments to patient and community health, we work collaboratively and synergistically to enhance efforts across the hospital system for maximum impact on individual, family, and community health. Our expertise in capacity building, content development, facilitation, and training allows us to provide internal consultation services to Mount Sinai departments and staff seeking to strengthen their programming and improve health outcomes.

We provide curriculum development, patient-facing and provider-facing content creation and review, professional development training on topics such as health literacy and health education best practices, and strategic program planning through a culturally affirming and patient-centered lens.

We offer community-based programs that support the health and wellness of East Harlem residents.
The Mount Sinai Department of Health Education also provides community-based health education programming in partnership with schools, senior centers, and non-profit organizations.

We know that communities often already have answers to their most pressing healthcare concerns—our role is to facilitate and scale messaging around these answers. Our team looks for opportunities to build bridges between healthcare providers and resources, and the communities they aim to serve.

We implement evidence-informed best practices that center inclusivity, resiliency, and community engagement and connectedness. We root our programming in an empowerment- and strengths-based approach to learning, harnessing the existing assets and resourcefulness of individuals and communities.

We offer onsite, school-based health education for students, parents, and staff, including mental health and sexual and reproductive health curricula. We also offer programming for older adults, women and families in transitional housing settings, and groups operated by local community agencies. These programs build capacity around existing programs while linking community members to a larger network of support.  

We would be honored to partner with you.
To learn more about the Mount Sinai Department of Health Education, please contact our Director, Alyssa Gale at