Academic Programs

As one of the first medical centers in the U.S. to develop working relationships with inner-city community high schools, Mount Sinai continues to expand its educational enrichment programs to encourage young people to pursue professional careers in health care.

Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs (CMCA)
CMCA supports educational pipeline programs, minority affairs, and institution-wide diversity initiatives within the Icahn School of Medicine.

The Center for Excellence in Youth Education (CEYE)
The Center for Excellence in Youth Education works in conjunction with public high schools, colleges, and youth organizations in Manhattan and the Bronx through its Early MEDBound program to implement academic-year and summer internship and educational programs in science, nursing, and other health fields.

East Harlem Health Outreach Partnership (EHHOP)
Established in 2000 by a group of Icahn School of Medicine students, EHHOP has become one of the most successful free, student-run clinics in the country, and it serves as a model for other medical schools. Open every Saturday in the Center for Advanced Medicine (CAM) building, EHHOP serves as a vehicle for providing quality, comprehensive care to an underserved community.

Education Pipeline Programs
The Center for Multicultural and Community Affairs (CMCA) supports many of Icahn School of Medicine efforts to target middle school, high school, and collegiate students for participation in science, nursing and allied health-related summer internships, and educational programs. CMCA has developed educational pipeline programs that have helped more than 7000 local students from disadvantaged backgrounds prepare for careers in the health professions.

Every semester, a number of medical students volunteer to tutor and mentor a group of high schoolers and give them insights into careers in medicine.

The Mount Sinai Scholars Program
[For information, call (212) 241-6831]
We designed this program—located at the Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics High School in East Harlem—especially for students interested in careers in science and medicine. Mount Sinai sponsors a number of activities including:

  • After-school enrichment programs in science
  • Summer research programs and internships at The Mount Sinai Hospital
  • College and career counseling
  • A mentoring program in which students in the program are matched with medical students, faculty, and staff from The Mount Sinai Hospital
  • Tutoring in advanced placement science courses in biology, chemistry, and physics


Mount Sinai’s strong community ties are bound by a longstanding, unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion in clinical, educational, and research settings across the institution.

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Spencer Foreman Award

Icahn School of Medicine, 2009 recipient of the AAMC award for Outstanding Community Service
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