Department of Social Work

At Mount Sinai Queens, our social workers provide professional and compassionate counseling for patients and family members and arrange for post-hospital care. The goal is to make your time in the hospital and your discharge easier for you and your loved ones by connecting you to the resources you need.

We provide professional guidance to you and your family during hospitalization and can assist you with a wide range of counseling and placement services. Our social workers partner with you, your family, and your health care team to prepare you for discharge, a process that begins from the moment you are admitted.

Planning for Transition of Care

We know that being in the hospital can be stressful, and our team is here to discuss your concerns and plan for a safe and timely discharge. We address your physical and emotional needs and help you find the right support services. A member of our Social Work team will partner with you and your family to develop a safe and appropriate plan.

Discharge Home

When you or your family member is discharged home, the staff at Mount Sinai Queens will work with you to determine a safe and appropriate plan. We will evaluate your insurance coverage for home care, if needed, and the availability of family to oversee and supplement care at home. Though discharge home may be desired, at times it may not be a safe and appropriate plan. In that event, we will plan with you for alternatives so that you or your family member can be discharged to an appropriate setting.

Discharge to Skilled Nursing Facility or Rehabilitation

If home care is not an option and you or your family member requires transfer to a skilled nursing facility for rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation, or long-term care, we will help you find the right setting. We consider your preferences, what is and is not covered by insurance, and any required out-of-pocket expenses. We also encourage families to visit suggested facilities.

We can arrange for transportation to home or a facility, work with your insurance company to determine any coverage benefits or out-of-pocket expenses, and order any recommended equipment for delivery to your bedside or home before discharge. We also offer community resources to help you learn more about your health care coverage, long-term planning, and programs focused on emotional and wellness support.

We encourage you to discuss any concerns or questions you have with the social worker assigned to your care. We hope that we can make this time in the hospital and the transition back to the community easier for you and your loved ones.

Rehabilitation at Home Following Joint Replacement

At Mount Sinai Queens, we enable you to regain mobility and resume activities following joint replacement surgery in the comfort of your home. Whether you are having hip replacement surgery or knee replacement surgery, our program allows you to be discharged from the hospital and completely and safely continue your rehabilitation at home.

During pre-surgical testing, you will learn about what to expect after surgery to recover and rehabilitate. We will provide information on how to make your home safe and what equipment can aid in your recovery. One of our social workers will help make arrangements for intensive home physical and occupational therapy, home nurse visits, and home health aide services, as needed. These visits may be based on your insurance coverage.

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