Conditions We Treat

For adults struggling with a range of orthopedic conditions–from arthritis symptoms to sports injuries—the experienced orthopedists at Mount Sinai Queens offers various treatment options.

Our treatments include the following: 

Hip and Knee Replacements

For patients struggling with a painful joint condition—from arthritis to hip fractures—the skilled orthopedists at Mount Sinai Queens provide advanced treatments to eliminate discomfort and restore ease of movement. The therapies we provide range from non-surgical treatments to complex reconstructive surgeries using advanced minimally invasive techniques. Our team of doctors, nurses, and therapists combines clinical expertise and cutting-edge technologies in order to minimize pain, shorten recovery times, and achieve the best possible long-term outcomes.

Personalized Hip and Knee Care

We are committed to providing the best possible patient experience. Our skilled physicians evaluate each case and determine the best course of action to provide personalized treatment for each individual case. Patients are often treated with medication, injections, or rehabilitation medicine, including physical therapy. When surgery is necessary, it is often performed using minimally invasive techniques, which leads to faster recovery time, less pain, and less likelihood of complications. Our skilled surgical teams perform several hip and knee replacement surgeries daily.

Research shows that full recovery is dependent on successful rehabilitation, so immediately following any orthopedic surgery, patients begin physical rehabilitation.

The Mount Sinai Queens team, including surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and physical therapists, holds special patient education classes to address your questions and concerns so that you’ll know what to expect before, during, and after surgery. All pre-surgery testing is done on the premises in one convenient, centralized location.

Typically, patients are admitted to Mount Sinai Queens for up to three days. Our staff works with patients to transition them from the hospital to their homes or, when necessary, to refer them to a convenient rehabilitation facility.

Multidisciplinary Approach to Joint Care

Successful hip or knee reconstruction requires coordinated care among specialists. Our surgeons work collaboratively with other disciplines throughout the hospital, including cardiology, geriatrics, hematology, nephrology, physiatry, pulmonology, and rheumatology. After surgery, our pain management team uses a variety of treatments to make patients as comfortable as possible.

Hip Fractures

The orthopedic team at Mount Sinai Queens is highly trained and experienced in repairing hip fractures, which is a very common occurrence, particularly among older people. Our skilled doctors assess the type of break and take into account the patient’s age and overall health before determining the most effective surgery that will lead to the best possible long-term outcome for each patient.

Depending on the case, our surgical team performs different types of open and minimally invasive surgeries to repair fractured hips. The goal is to minimize health problems and reduced quality of life that can often result from hip fractures. Our team of doctors, physician assistants, nurses, and therapists work collaboratively to minimize patients’ pain, shorten recovering times, and achieve the best possible long-term outcomes.