Pneumonia Care Measures 

Patients admitted to Mount Sinai should receive care that has been shown to lead to the best results. To care for patients with pneumonia, a serious lung infection, we follow a series of recommended treatments. The information below shows how well Mount Sinai follows those guidelines for patients with pneumonia compared to the national average for all hospitals. Unless noted, a higher score is better.


Process Measures Mount Sinai
July 2012-June 2013
National Average
July 2012-June 2013
Pneumonia patients whose first blood culture in the emergency room was performed prior to receiving the 1st dose of antibiotics 98 % 98 %
Pneumonia patients given the most appropriate initial antibiotic 93 % 95 %


Outcome Measures* Mount Sinai
(July 09 - June 12)
National Averag
(July 09 - June 12)
30-day pneumonia mortality rate 9.8 % 11.9 %
30-day pneumonia unplanned readmission rate 19.8 % 17.6 %

* A lower score is better


Last Updated: 7/7/14