Preparing for Surgery

The Perioperative Services Care Center is committed to providing our patients with the highest quality of care, no matter how brief or long their stay. When you have surgery, you benefit from the medical excellence for which Mount Sinai is renowned, provided in a carefully designed, patient-friendly environment. As always, we are at your service to help. We look forward to taking great care of you and making your time with us as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

Pre-Admission Testing

To help provide you with the appropriate care in the most efficient manner when you arrive, you may receive a telephone call in advance of your surgery from our staff to perform a telephone health interview. Your surgeon may ask you to arrange a visit to our Pre-Admission Testing Center at the location listed below (Tel: 212-241-3188, Fax: 212-659-8328). At the center, you will meet with anesthesiologists, nurses, and patient care associates who will speak with you and may conduct a few tests (i.e. blood work, chest X-ray, etc.).

Financial Planning

Questions related to hospital charges for your surgery can be addressed to Hospital Financial Screening (212-731-3600). If your surgery requires anesthesia services, questions about billing and payment can be addressed in advance by calling our anesthesia billing provider (800-627-4470).

Diet & Medications

Adults should not eat any solid food after midnight prior to surgery. You may drink clear fluids - water, clear apple juice, carbonated beverages, and coffee or tea without milk - up to 2 hours prior to the time that your surgery is scheduled. Parents of young children should speak with the surgeon or anesthesiologist for instructions on the timing of feedings. Unless you have been instructed otherwise, you may take your normal evening and morning medications with small sips of water. Some drugs like blood thinners (Plavix, Coumadin, aspirin, NSAIDs) need to be stopped up to a week in advance, and insulin and other diabetic medications, and blood pressure medications may also require special instructions.

Day of Surgery

Contact your surgeon’s office in advance to verify the time of your surgery and plan to arrive at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled time of your surgery. Please bring any reports or test results that you may have received from your doctors. If you are an ambulatory surgery patient (going home the same day as surgery), it is a New York State requirement that you must have a responsible adult designated to accompany you home or the surgery will be postponed. Friends and family members can wait in the Surgical Family Waiting Area (212-241-8282) during your procedure. Check-in for surgery (and pre-testing) is located at:

Registration and Pre-Admission Testing
Guggenheim Pavilion – 2nd Floor
1468 Madison Avenue (at 100th Street)
New York, NY 10029

*Cardiac surgery patients should go to pretesting and surgical registration on the 5th floor.

Contact Us

The Mount Sinai Hospital Operator
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Pre-Admission Testing Center
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Surgical Admissions Planning
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Financial Screening
Tel: 212-731-3600

Surgical Patient Registration and Family Waiting Area
Tel: 212-241-7778

Inpatient Admissions
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Anesthesia Financial/Billing Questions
Tel: 412-937-5760 or toll-free 800-627-4470