Emergency Services at Mount Sinai West

In the Emergency Department at Mount Sinai West, our mission is to provide the highest quality and safest care while maintaining a compassionate, collaborative approach to your health. We are fully staffed by doctors who are board certified in Emergency Medicine, and we are a New York State certified stroke center and a designated sexual assault evaluation center. Our doctors, many with advanced fellowship training, practice leading-edge emergency medicine. As an academic residency training center, we not only provide excellent clinical care, we advance the art and science of medicine.

The Clinical Team

With an ability to care for almost any complex medical and surgical problem, Mount Sinai West has doctors in clinical specialties available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our nursing staff takes pride in their role as an integral part of your care team. All are trained in critical care, and many have achieved the highest level of certification in emergency nursing from the Emergency Nurses Association.

In addition to our board certified emergency doctors and pediatric emergency doctors, our clinical team may also include emergency medicine residents and physicians assistants, as well as social workers and case managers. Depending on your needs, you may see some or all of them, but every patient’s case is directly overseen by a board certified emergency medicine physician.

Rapid Triage and Care

On arrival to the Mount Sinai West Emergency Department, patients are initially seen by a registered nurse who evaluates their medical condition and promptly brings them to a treatment area or advanced triage area. Many processes such as patient registration have moved to the bedside, in order improve efficiency and get you evaluated quicker.

Once in the emergency department, your care will rapidly be provided by our expert clinical team. You may be seen in our main emergency department or our evaluation unit. While they are staffed similarly, and have the same resources available, our evaluation unit is focused on treating mobile patients with less serious injuries, while our main emergency department is designed for care of the patient on a stretcher. Regardless of where you are seen, all resources, including 24/7 radiology services, consultations, and testing are available.

Your care will be tailored to your specific complaint. In addition to a focused history and physical examination, you may receive X-rays, a CT scan, laboratory work and medications. We work to provide the most efficient and rapid care, but depending on your needs, your evaluation may require several hours to complete. We aim to keep you informed throughout the course of your visit, and we welcome any and all questions you may have.

Separate Treatment Space for OB/GYN

The Emergency Department at Mount Sinai West has separate, specially-designed rooms for women with obstetric and gynecologic emergencies. This more private environment offers all of the necessary equipment and diagnostic services for OB and GYN care, so movement between rooms is minimized.

Follow-Up Care

After your emergency medical condition has been managed, our staff will provide a follow-up care referral and plan for you. Our Physician Referral Service can offer you the name of a doctor who can provide you with follow-up care and who participates in your insurance plan. If appropriate, we can also make an appointment for you in one of our many specialty services.

Some test results (such as throat cultures) will not be available until after you leave the department. In such cases, our physician assistants will call or mail you if the results are positive. Please make sure to provide an active phone number in case we need to follow up with you directly.

Psychiatry Emergency Outreach

Our comprehensive psychiatric emergency program (CPEP) focuses on the rapid evaluation, stabilization and treatment of psychiatric disturbances, as well as planning for comprehensive follow-up care. Our program includes a dedicated comprehensive psychiatric emergency department with extended observation beds, mobile crisis outreach, and our crisis residence program. Depending on your concerns, you may be seen in our medical emergency department in collaboration with our psychiatric specialists or your care may begin in our psychiatric emergency department.

Suggested Websites for Identifying Heart Attack and Stroke

Symptoms of a heart attack (National Heart Lung Blood Institute) 

Symptoms of a Stroke (National Heart Lung Blood Institute)