Social Work Services

At Mount Sinai West, we believe in treating you as an entire person and not just your diagnosis. Our Social Work team at Mount Sinai West is here to support you and your family cope with an array of stressors; from having a new baby to dealing with a new diagnosis. We work closely with you and your loved ones to help address mental, emotional, family, and/or financial stressors related to your medical condition. We utilize evidenced based interventions to ensure you and your family receive the highest quality care.

Social workers are part of your treatment team and collaborate with your physician, nurses, and other staff to ensure you or your loved one experiences the best care possible during and after your treatment. We provide you with a comprehensive psychosocial assessment to create an individualized treatment plan.

Social workers at Mount Sinai West provide an array of services, including but not limited to:


Anxiety and stress are normal emotions to experience after a new diagnosis or a life changing event. Social workers provide counseling to you and your family to help you cope with these life changing events. We can also make referrals for additional support.


In addition to providing resources and support services, we provide education to help you navigate the health care system including, education about benefits, diagnosis, end of life issues, and health insurance.

Crisis Intervention

A crisis can happen to anyone, and can present in many forms. We are here to help support you and your family through any crisis and connect you to the best services possible to help you cope.


Our social workers are here to serve as advocates for patients. Advocacy comes in many forms, ranging from collaborating with agencies to ensure you receive the best care possible to providing a voice to those who may be a victim of domestic violence, child or elder abuse, or other violent crimes.

Discharge Planning

One of our social workers will organize a discharge plan. It will focus on helping you recover to allow you to live the highest quality of life outside the hospital.

Your discharge plan will be individualized, but may include referrals for post-acute placement and care such as a skilled nursing facility, home care, hospice, acute rehabilitation, and substance abuse or mental health treatment and Medical equipment if required.