Limb Lengthening and Joint Preservation

The Limb Lengthening and Joint Preservation Service at Mount Sinai Orthopedics is dedicated to evaluating, counseling, and treating patients using the most advanced techniques available to alleviate pain and optimize joint function. Whether correcting limb deformities, knee malalignment, early osteoarthritis, cartilage injuries, or hip impingement, we offer you the most advanced and innovative options for joint preservation. Led by Mount Sinai orthopedic surgeons Megan Kelly, MDShawn Anthony, MD and Sheena Ranade, MD, our multidisciplinary team of orthopedic surgeons, musculoskeletal radiologists, and rehabilitation specialists provides you with personalized and comprehensive evaluation and treatment to promote the quickest possible return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

Our Services

We provide a range of comprehensive services, including:

  • Knee and ankle arthritis joint preservation and cartilage restoration surgery using a combination of minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery, stem cell therapy, and bone realignment
  • Realignment of knock knees (genu valgum) and bow legs (genu varum)
  • Microfracture and advanced marrow stimulation techniques to heal damaged cartilage
  • Nonsurgical regenerative medicine techniques, including ultrasound-guided injections, platelet-rich plasma, and bone marrow stem cell therapy for cartilage regeneration and treatment of early knee and ankle arthritis
  • Transplantation of bone and cartilage (osteochondral graft) to replace injured cartilage
  • Leg lengthening and deformity correction for both congenital and post-traumatic conditions
  • Treatment of post-traumatic bone nonunions and malunions
  • Limb salvage 
  • Stature lengthening
  • Hip arthroscopy for treatment of labral tears and hip impingement (FAI)
  • Same-day imaging (e.g., X-ray, computerized tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging) and advanced cartilage imaging techniques