Nursing in the Community

In order for the Mount Sinai Health System to best serve its communities, our nurses understand that their jobs extend far beyond the bedside. Whether they are bringing screening tests to neighborhood sites, participating in fundraisers, or hosting patient education events, our nursing teams are tirelessly mobilizing to deliver their skills, experience, and passion for preventive health directly to people who need it most.

Our Community Programs and Initiatives

Every year, Mount Sinai nurses volunteer their time and talents to engage in successful community health events, such as the following: 

  • Go Red for Women: This annual event provides services such as cholesterol checks, blood pressure checks, and more to hundreds of community members. 
  • American Heart Association Heart Walk: Each year, our nurses make a strong showing at the American Heart Association Heart Walk. 

Transitioning You From Hospital to Home

At Mount Sinai, our nursing team collaborates with primary care doctors across the Health System. After you are discharged from the hospital to home or to another care center, our nurses will contact you periodically to help with posthospitalization care.

Posthospitalization Services

Nurses review information about diagnoses, medications, postdischarge care instructions, care choices, and treatment plans with patients and their families. Between primary care visits, we will answer questions about your posthospitalization care and help you follow the treatment plan.

Our nurses provide the following posthospitalization services:

  • Referrals—We provide patient referrals between specialists and other medical services.
  • Care coordination—We coordinate care across a variety of settings, including outpatient care, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, or home.
  • Transitions of care—We help patients who were recently discharged from the emergency department, hospital, or rehabilitation center.
  • Lifestyle changes—Our nurses will help you adapt to home, examine your home life, and educate you about your condition.