Creating Excellence Together


“Creating Excellence Together” expresses the journey we share as Mount Sinai nurses.

Here, excellence is part of our DNA. We are a deep and diverse team of highly skilled, relentlessly caring individuals, dedicated to providing exceptional care and bettering that care every day. Working individually and in teams, we are committed to bringing our best to every encounter and making a positive difference in the lives of others, both one-on-one and within the local and global communities we serve. We are ever advancing our practice and then raising the bar.

As integral members of the care team, Mount Sinai nurses are empowered to grow as professionals and leaders. We are critical thinkers who provide the highest quality and safest possible care, stemming from the most current evidence-based knowledge and delivered with boundless compassion. And, we are the strongest of advocates on behalf of those who entrust us with their care.

Mount Sinai nursing is grounded in relationship-based care, lifelong learning, and the discovery and sharing of new nursing knowledge. At all levels and every care setting, we are there to support one another to ensure optimum care delivery, facilitate operational efficiency, and offer emotional support. 

Mount Sinai nursing represents the best of the best in nursing, and every day we rededicate ourselves to Creating Excellence Together.

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