About the Team

Meet the team of doctors, nurses, and caregivers that takes care of your child in the hospital. Doctors who care for patients in the hospital are called attendings. The attending who is working at a particular time is called the doctor on service.

Pediatric Cardiologist

On weekdays, the pediatric cardiologist on service manages your child’s care. At night and on weekends, the on-call cardiologist does so.  The doctors work together to coordinate your child’s treatment.

Pediatric Cardiac Surgeon

Pediatric cardiac surgeons and their team performs your child’s surgery. Afterward, they work with pediatric cardiologists and the pediatric cardiac intensivists to make any major decisions. Pediatric cardiac surgeons make daily rounds in the pediatric cardiac intensive care unit (PCICU) and are available 24/7.

Pediatric Cardiac Intensivist

These doctors are experts in pediatric cardiac intensive care. They provide highly specialized, individualized, treatment for your child in the PCICU. Also in the PCICU are business associates (BAs), who sit at the front desk. The BAs can answer questions and provide support.

Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiologist

These experts provide anesthesia to children who need heart surgery. An anesthesiologist will meet you and your child just before surgery. He or she gives your child anesthesia and monitors your child during the procedure. After, the anesthesiologist will bring your child to the PCICU.

Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is a health care professional who practices medicine as part of a health care team. Our physician assistants are highly trained in the special care of postoperative cardiac surgical patients. These professionals care for your child after surgery.

Critical Care Nurse

These nurses offer specialized cardiac nursing care. They have in-depth knowledge of and deep appreciation for the complexities of children with congenital heart disease. Nursing assistants (NAs) support the nursing staff.

Social Worker

Our social workers meet with every patient and family. They offer emotional support and connect you to resources. They can also help with challenges your family may face after surgery. This might include getting home services, mental health support, sibling support, and transportation. They can also assist with any financial concerns.

Child Life Team

These specialists provide developmentally appropriate support while your child is in the hospital. They offer bedside play to help your child feel comfortable. They also prepare your child for tests, procedures, and surgery. Child life specialists use language your child can understand.

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Our dietitians develop a personal diet plan for your child.  They meet with you to complete a nutrition assessment. They are happy to help with any special diets or needs.