Meet Our Staff

Our faculty and staff are devoted to caring for your child.

Division Chief and Co-Director
Robert H. Pass, MD

Peter Pastuszko, MD

Associate Director
Kyra Watts, MPA

Rica Arnon, MD
Scott Aydin, MD
Morton Borg, MD
Jennifer Bragg, MD
Douglas Bush, MD
Jennifer Cohen, MD
David Ezon, MD
Miwa Geiger, MD
Bruce Gelb, MD
Lauren D. Glass, MD
Jacqueline Lamour, MD
Barry Love, MD
Joseph Mahgerefteh, MD
Carlos Montoya, MD, (Located at Mount Sinai South Nassau)
Farrah Munir, DO, (Located at Mount Sinai South Nassau)
Raghav A. Murthy, MBBS
George Ofori-Amanfo, MD
Erin Paul, MD
Robert Pass, MD
Peter Pastuszko, MD
Justin Pick, MD
Kenan Stern, MD
Howard Seiden, MD
Ali N. Zaidi, MD

Clinical Staff
Our Clinical Staff perform tests and provide care, education and counseling.

Amanda Blick, NP/Fetal Program Manager
Meghan Gyrzbowski, PA
Caitlin McNally, PA
Josie O’Toole, NP
Corazon Randell, RN

Our Echocardiographers operate ultrasound equipment that provides moving 2-D or 3-D images of the heart and its chambers to help physicians diagnose heart conditions.

Katarzyna Adzie, RDCS 
Anya Bonduransky, RDCS
Rosalie Castaldo, RDCS, RDMS, Echo Supervisor
Ruby Chouhan, RDCS, RDMS
Allen Kan, RDCS, RVT
Valeria Matto, RDCS, RVT
Melanie Tan, RDCS,RDMS
Yeung Wen, RDCS, RDMS, RVT
Jen Yau, RDCS, Echo Manager

Physician Assistants
Our physician assistants (PAs) are trained in the care of congenital cardiac patients before, during, and after surgery. They work in the operating room, intensive care units (ICUs), and the cardiology clinic.

Rachel A. Moreno, MS, PA-C
Tess M. Becker, MS, PA-C
Caroline Paszkowski, PA-C

Medical Assistants
Our Medical Assistants provide support to patients, prepare exam rooms, manage laboratory tests and x-rays, and perform routine bloodwork.

Robbin Berry
Shakia Johnson
Norma Sibri

Administrative Staff
Our Administrative Staff greet patients and families, answer telephones, update patients' medical records, schedule appointments, and more.

Xavier Alicea, Administrative Assistant
Monique Brewton, Administrative Assistant/Access Center
Ayanna Brown, Patient Coordinator/Front Desk
Raydeline Cabreja, Administrative Coordinator
Anthony Gonzalez, Financial Coordinator
Troi Goodman, Patient Coordinator/Front Desk
Carmen Martinez, Patient Coordinator/Front Desk
Analisa Nunez, Administrative Assistant
Jaslynn Salado, Administrative Assistant/Access Center
Taniya Wallace, Administrative Coordinator