About Mount Sinai Ambulatory Care

From the time Mount Sinai Health System was founded as a small hospital in New York City in 1852, our mission has been to provide excellent health care to all. Along the way we have become one of the world’s leading centers of excellence in medical care, research and education. We remain dedicated to meeting the health care needs of New Yorkers, as well as those of people far beyond the city’s borders, regardless of their economic, ethnic or cultural background.

The Department of Ambulatory Care is an important part of Mount Sinai Health System, and maintains a network of outpatient care practices at various locations in Manhattan. Most of them are based in our own hospital on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, some in schools, and several at freestanding facilities. While each of our outpatient practices has its own set of offerings, taken together Mount Sinai Ambulatory Care practices offer a wide range of high quality primary care (basic health care services such as routine checkups and management of chronic diseases) and specialty and subspecialty medical services.

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid. If you don’t have insurance, we will work with you to make special arrangements. (See Financial Information.)

Delivering Outstanding Outpatient Care

Mount Sinai Ambulatory Care practices include: pediatrics (treatment of children from birth to age 21), adult primary care, geriatrics (services for older patients) ophthalmology (eye care), dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, kidney (dialysis), primary care for HIV/AIDS patients, palliative care (care to improve quality of life in patients facing serious or life-threatening illness), rehabilitation medicine (treatment for those with conditions that limit performance of life skills), and medical and surgical specialties (highly specialized care for adults and children with a wide range of diseases and conditions).

Among the outstanding features of Mount Sinai Ambulatory Care:

  • Care that is centered on the patient, coordinated, with an emphasis on prevention
  • Translation services for patients with limited English-language skills. Many members of our staff are multilingual
  • Advanced diagnostic imaging such as CT-scans and MRIs and laboratory testing
  • Access to promising new treatments through clinical trials
  • Referrals to leading experts at Mount Sinai Health System
  • Treatment plans that accommodate your work, school, and other schedule needs
  • Coordination, where needed, with other community-based organizations

In addition, we offer many programs to help you lead a healthy lifestyle and, if needed, help you manage chronic diseases. These include, among others, programs focused on hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes, programs to help you stop smoking or abusing alcohol, and programs to help you know about safe sex practices.

Each of our outpatient practices is staffed by a team of attending physicians, fellows, residents, and registered nurses and other highly skilled health care professionals.

We Can Help

To learn more about our outpatient services, visit our Ambulatory Care Practices page where you will find links to each of our outpatient practices with their phone numbers, locations, hours of operation, and more.

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Dentistry Practice 
Tel: 212-659-8528

Eye Care Practice
Tel: 212-241-7676

Geriatrics Practice 
Tel: 212-426-0349

HIV/AIDS Practice 
Jack Martin
Tel: 212-241-7968
Comprehensive Health Downtown
Tel: 212-604-1701

Internal Medicine Associates
Tel: 212-659-8551

Kidney Care 
Tel: 212-987-7208
For other locations

Medical & Surgical Specialty Practice
Tel: 212-659-8554

OBGYN Practice
Tel: 212-659-8557

Palliative Care
Tel: 212-426-5054

Pediatrics Associates
Tel: 212-659-8559

Rehabilitation Medicine
Tel: 212-824-7633

School-based Health Program
Tel: 212-241-1543