About Us

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai faculty members have three distinct but related missions — promoting education, providing excellent patient care, and conducting research. They carry out much of their mission through the Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice, a multispecialty group of board-certified physicians offering services that range from primary care to the most advanced approaches to disease management available today.

Our service-related standards speak to the importance of patient access, communication, and issues central to your experience. Part of what makes the Faculty Practice so unique is that our entire staff must participate in customer service training. Through building customer relations, we are better able to evaluate how well we are serving our patients and how we can improve upon your experience by offering compassion and emotional support.

Due to our unique patient base, our physicians, who are also clinical investigators, are able to develop new treatments, techniques, and protocols that improve quality-of-life not only for our patients but those throughout the world. Mount Sinai Doctors have numerous achievements including developing the first FDA-approved treatment for Fabry disease, performing the first U.S. implantation of a new device for aortic stenosis, and developing new, minimally invasive techniques that significantly improve the treatment of skull-based tumors.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need laboratory tests. Can they be performed at a Mount Sinai Doctors location?

Yes. We provide comprehensive services for laboratory tests, health care screening, diagnostic testing, radiology, and other imaging procedures. Your physician will order these diagnostic services and he/she will provide you with the appropriate location for the tests.

How do I decide which specialty or practice to contact?

The Mount Sinai Call Center can help connect you with a practice near your home or office and connect you with a physician who takes your insurance. Call 866-MSH-FPA1 (866-674-3721) for help with physician selection.

How do I access or amend my medical records?

Please call 212-241-6500 and ask to speak with a patient representative.

How can I register a complaint or make a comment about the care I received at a Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice location?

Please contact the Patient Service Center at 212-659-8990.