Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart

Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart is a medical group focused on serving the cardiac needs of our patients. Utilizing state of the art technology coupled with compassionate, seasoned and energetic physicians, we are dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We offer a full complement of non-invasive cardiac services including consultations, imaging and non-imaging stress testing as well as cardiac and vascular ultrasound.

Conditions We Treat

Acting as clinical cardiologists, Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart is the first stop in diagnosing, treating, and preventing cardiac conditions. Here is some information to help explain the common conditions we treat on a daily basis.

Patient Resources

At Mount Sinai Manhattan Heart, we are dedicated to serving our patients.

Prescription Renewals

We want to make sure you always have the medications you require, so we respond to your requests for refills promptly and reduce the need for multiple follow-up calls about prescription refills. We have always required medical follow-up in the office before most drugs can be refilled for you. This is to protect your health and to ensure that you are receiving not only the right medication, but also the right dosage. Please call us at (212) 828-3200 prompt “1” for a receptionist to assist you. We ask that you contact the practice at least two weeks before you will run out of your current medication supply. If you have not had a recent visit to your doctor, only a minimal refill will be given. This will prevent you from running out of medication but will allow your doctor to provide proper supervision.

Laboratory Results

To simplify reporting of lab results, we send notifications via MyChart. Most results are reported to us within 24 hours. Your doctor will review them and send you a notification explaining the test results. We will contact you by phone with any urgent problems. After you have reviewed the results, you’re welcome to communicate with your provider via MyChart or contact the office with questions. Please allow 24 - 48 hours before calling us.

Other Test Results

For all other test results, you will receive a notification typically within 24 to 48 hours of your test. We will contact you by phone with any urgent problems.

Emergency Appointments

Most patients see one cardiologist within our group on most occasions. If you should have a time sensitive or urgent need, please allow the first available doctor to see you. This will ensure you receive the timeliest care for your needs.