Facilities and Amenities

Mount Sinai Brooklyn is advancing and expanding clinical services: orthopedics, including spine care; urology; nephrology; gastroenterology; colorectal, vascular, and general surgery; and ear, nose, and throat surgery. We are also expanding our high quality critical care program. We plan to add more Russian-speaking staff, to better serve our bilingual community.

We are embarking on an ambitious renovation of our first and second floors, as well as building a 4000 square-foot primary care and urgent care center nearby to expand access in the community. For inpatient services, we have renovated Unit 2-West, with 20 new beds and a Surgical Suite consisting of five operating rooms.

In addition, we offer Intervention Radiology, Vascular, and Endoscopy Suites. Most recently, we added a new 12 slice CT scanner as an adjacent suite to the Emergency Department.