Orthopedics Services

If you need treatment for your bones or muscles, our orthopedists can help. Mount Sinai Brooklyn offers the state-of-the-art care you expect from the Mount Sinai Health System at a convenient Brooklyn location. Our new orthopedics suite includes the latest imaging technology. This means we can diagnose you more quickly. We have special knowledge and experience in dealing with:

  • Elbows
  • Hands and wrists
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders

Our doctors are also researchers, which means we use the most advanced therapies and procedures. We are happy to provide second opinions and to help you if you have been seen and treated elsewhere. If necessary, we can redo surgeries done elsewhere (called revision procedures). We accept most insurances, including Medicare. 


Orthopedic trauma is when your bones or muscles are injured by an outside source, such as a fall or car accident. Often these incidents cause bone fractures and dislocations. Our orthopedists are expert at diagnosing and treating these conditions. Whenever possible, we use nonsurgical methods such as splints, casts, and braces. If you need surgery, we prefer to use minimally invasive techniques. These approaches speed up recovery, shorten hospital stays, and lower your chances of complications or scarring. We can perform same-day procedures. We can also safely and expertly perform traditional surgery. We do our best to return you to daily activities. 

Special Services

Our orthopedists are expert in treatments not available everywhere. We routinely provide second opinions, which can be especially helpful before a serious procedure. We also offer revision procedures, which correct a previous surgery. These can be helpful if an earlier procedure did not relieve your pain or if it caused complications or produced an unwanted scar. Our specialists can also perform complex procedures to help serious bone loss caused by arthritis or other conditions. 

Conditions We Treat

We treat a wide range of conditions, from the common to the rare and complex. Some of the conditions we see most often include:

  • Bone fractures and dislocations
  • Broken bones
  • Joint pain, stiffness, and swelling
  • Muscle and soft tissue injuries
  • Tendon tears and ruptures

Treatments We Offer

Our expert orthopedists provide a wide range of the most advanced treatments. 

  • Evaluation for physical therapy
  • Injections of steroids, anti-inflammatories, and other medicines
  • Joint replacements , including same-day procedures
  • Minimally invasive tendon and joint repairs
  • Mixed reality shoulder surgery
  • Patient-matched implant (custom fit joint replacement)
  • Physical therapy

Meet Our Team

At Mount Sinai Brooklyn, our orthopedists have special training and skill in treating bones and muscles. We use the latest medical technologies and minimally invasive techniques to get you back to living your most active life. 

Dave Shukla, MD
Vladimir Shur, MD