Special Cardiac Procedure Saves Life of Famous Violinist

Yuval, a renowned violinist and conductor, wasn’t sure what was causing his severe shortness of breath, swelling of both legs, and irregular heartbeat, but he wasn’t taking any chances. He went straight to the hospital, where he was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit and diagnosed with atrial flutter – severe heart failure. 

World renowned violinist and conductor, Yuval Waldman, was rushed to Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital with severe shortness of breath, swelling of both his legs, high blood pressure and an irregular and fast heart rhythm. He was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit, and further testing revealed that due to this irregular heart rhythm, called atrial flutter, Mr. Waldman was in severe heart failure. His heart could not pump enough blood to his body. With this diagnosis Mr. Waldman was immediately started on appropriate medications to help with his heart failure.

Mount Sinai St. Luke’s electrophysiologists performed a cardiac procedure called “atrial flutter ablation” that fixed the abnormal conduction pathway in the heart that was causing his heart to beat too fast and irregularly. Repeat testing post-op revealed that the procedure lead to a dramatic increase in the pumping function of the heart. Further tests revealed that there was a blockage in the arteries supply the heart. The problem was fixed by placing stents, which with led to an improvement in the blood supply to the heart.

After recovering from the procedures, Mr. Waldman could feel that his heart was beating much better and was keen on continuing his passion of playing violin. Thankful for his successful recovery, before Mr. Waldman was released, he performed an original song on the violin to thank Dr. Eyal Herzog and the care team who saved his life at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s.