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Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Founded by Valentin Fuster, MD, PhD, President of Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital and Physician-in-Chief of The Mount Sinai Hospital, Mount Sinai’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to improve your health after a cardiovascular event or procedure; our approach consists of education, exercise, and lifestyle changes. Research shows that participating in a cardiac rehab program helps patients live longer and enjoy healthier lives.  Under the leadership of MaryAnn McLaughlin, MD, MPH, FACC, Medical Director of the Cardiac Health Program and Director of Cardiovascular Health and Wellness at Mount Sinai Fuster Heart Hospital, Jeffrey Mechanick, MD, Medical Director of the Kravis Center for Clinical Cardiovascular Health, and Craig Feinman, PT, DPT, CCS, Clinical Manager and Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physical Therapist, our team will create a program just for you.

Conditions We Treat

We treat a variety of conditions at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program. These include:

Some people who have had certain surgical procedures can benefit from cardiac rehab. These procedures include:

Phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation

Healing after a cardiac event or procedure is a journey. It has three phases.    

Phase I

Phase I takes place in the hospital after your procedure or event. We will work with you in the hospital, while you heal. This will improve your mobility and ability to perform the activities of daily living. The activities will also prepare you to discharge home and start cardiac rehab. During this time, a team of professionals can help get you enrolled in a cardiac rehab program at our facility. The next two phases will help you to continue on your healing journey and improve your cardiovascular health. 

Phase II Cardiac Rehabilitation

Phase II is a medically supervised exercise program. You work with a team of exercise physiologists and other specialized clinicians. Doctors and other medical professionals are also on site to monitor your progress and help you achieve your goals. You will use machines, weights, bands, and equipment in combination with comprehensive education to improve your strength and activity level.

Phase III

The third phase of cardiac rehabilitation is  optional. But it is an important part of the program to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle with exercise. During phase III, our exercise physiologists will supervise you as you use machines, weights, bands, and other equipment to improve your strength and activity level. You can also  meet with other specialists to focus on diet, well-being, and overall health. There is a monthly membership fee for this program. 


Cardiac rehab also focuses on prevention.  If you are at risk for heart problems—or even if you aren’t—you can work with our clinicians to increase your activity level. This can help decrease your risk of:

  • High blood pressure
  • High/low blood sugar
  • High/low body fat
  • Low muscle mass
  • High cholesterol

Supervised exercise can also help with other issues. It can make it easier to quit tobacco or moderate how much alcohol you drink. It can help you address any issues you may have with your eating habits. And it can decrease stress.

Medical Fitness

Medical Fitness (MedFit) is a personalized self-pay program where you work one-on-one with a certified exercise physiologist or a board certified cardiac physical therapist. We tailor an exercise program based on your specific diagnosis, needs, and goals. We can also help you improve your strength, activity level, safety, and functional ability to exercise and perform daily activities. For instance, we can help you lower your body mass and improve your strength and endurance. With MedFit, you use a combination of weights, bands, and other machines. You also have access to our optional patient services. 

Optional Patient Services

Our optional patient services has a team of nutritionists, endocrinologists, functional clinicians, and exercise specialists. These experts can help you improve your health and activity. MedFit is available to you while you participate in Phase II or MedFit programs.