Mother and Son Recuperate Together from Aortic Surgery

Like son, like mother. When Steven Goldberg finally decided to have his leaky aortic valve fixed, his mother, Miriam Goldberg, thought she should have hers tested as well. It turned out she needed the surgery as well. So both had the life-saving surgery and recuperated in side-by-side beds. 

Miriam Goldberg, a New York City mother and her son, Dr. Steven Goldberg both had potentially life-saving operations on the same day at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

“We’re recuperating together,” said Steven. “We’re doing great.”

It all started when Steven decided to come to Mount Sinai to finally fix a leaky aortic valve stemming from a birth defect.

“He was sort of on the precipice or cliff of bad heart failure and needed to be fixed before he did irreversible damage to his heart,” said Dr. Allan Stewart, director of aortic surgery at Mount Sinai.

Unbeknownst to Steven, he wasn’t just saving his life but his mother’s too, when Miriam decided to also get tested.

“She hadn’t had any surgery her whole life,” Steven said. “She figured she’d have herself checked and sure enough she needed the surgery, as well.”