For Susan, Diamond-Coated Arterial Cleaners Are A Girl’s Best Friend

When her chest pains started, Susan wasn’t too worried. After all, the discomfort she was feeling never seemed to last for very long. But when the pains persisted, she finally decided to go see a doctor, who discovered the cause: an almost complete blockage of her main coronary artery. 

Her doctor referred her to The Mount Sinai Hospital, where specialists quickly realized that Susan would need a stent to keep her artery open. But first they had to clear out plaque deposits that had calcified on the artery’s walls. They decided to use the Diamondback 360® Coronary Orbital Atherectomy System, a new technique recently approved by the FDA that uses a rotating diamond-coated crown to sand away arterial plaque.

The procedure worked perfectly. It was a happy outcome for Susan, who was back on her feet the following day. And it was yet another success story for MSHeart’s Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, which recently received the highest two-star safety rating by the New York Department of Health for percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) overall and in non-emergency cases.

In fact, 2015 marks the 17th consecutive year that the Mount Sinai Catheterization Laboratory or its physicians have been awarded a prestigious two-star designation for safety rates that significantly exceed the statewide average.

In other words, it’s advanced care from a team of experts with a proven record of success. That’s something more valuable than any diamond.