Administration Staff

Child Life Program Director

Angie Koeneker, MS, CCLS
Child Life Manager / PICU Coordinator

Cheryl Strauss, BA, CCLS
Zone Clinical Coordinator, Senior Child Life Specialist

Lori Lerma, MS, CCLS
KidZone TV Producer, Senior Child Life Specialist

Todd O'Connor, MA, MT-BC
Senior Creative Arts Therapy Supervisor

Sherry Smith
Child Life and Zone Administrative Coordinator

Lu Borges, BFA
Child Life Technology Coordinator

Floor/Unit Staff

Jessa Carey, BS, CCLS
Emergency Department Child Life Specialist

Michael Devita
P4 and Hematology/Oncology Child Life Specialist

Toshiko Nonaka
Pedicatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Child Life Specialist

Jamie Siegel, MS, CCLS
P5 Child Life Specialist

Morgan Stojanowski
Hematology/Oncology Clinic Child Life Specialist

The Zone Staff

Tori Levine, MEd, CCLS
Child Life Specialist

Marilyn Reside, MLS
Zone Family Resource Center Librarian

Yuki Takahashi, BA, CCLS
Zone Child Life Specialist

The Zone Staff

Thomas Dooley, MFA
Creative Writing and Zone Specialist

Kelli Powell
Music Therapist

Sarah Yazdian, MA, CLS
Palliative Care Art Therapist

KidZone TV Staff

Gerard Edison
KidZone TV Engineer

Mary Geerlof
KidZone TV Producer

Victoria Maldonado
Video Artist in Residence

Child Life Assistants

Melissa Pigden
Child Life Assistant

Victor A. Luna
Child Life Assistant

Wendy Liang
Child Life Assistant