The Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department

A stay in the hospital can be unsettling at any age. For children, medical procedures, unfamiliar surroundings, and new faces can be particularly stressful. Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy at Kravis Children's Hospital helps young patients cope with their fears and anxieties by offering therapeutic activities tailored to meet their social, emotional, and educational needs. We offer familiar experiences such as play, art, school, and socializing with peers to help young patients understand and cope more effectively with the often-overwhelming world of the hospital.

Staff at Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy at Mount Sinai, are committed to achieving these goals to help your child adjust, by:

  • Minimizing anxiety and stress experienced by children, adolescents, and families in the medical setting
  • Enhancing your child’s emotional, social, physical, and cognitive growth in the context of your family, culture, and your child’s developmental stage
  • Supporting you and encouraging your participation in your child's health care
  • Enhancing your and your child’s understanding of medical experiences
  • Helping your child maintain a sense of security during an illness or surgery
  • Enabling your child and your family to continue regular life as much as possible

SURGE: The Zone's Teen Art & Literary Magazine is a publication produced by the Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department where teenagers in the Kravis Children's Hospital and those in our communities come together by having their original creative writing and artwork published. 

The Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy Department provides many services to help ease your child’s adjustment and experience while at Kravis Children's Hospital, including Meet Me at Mount Sinai.