Developmental Pediatrics

All children master a series of developmental milestones, such as playing peek-a-boo, growing teeth, and learning to recognize their own names. The exact timing of these milestones varies from child to child. Some children advance more quickly with their social skills, for instance, than motor skills. But there are general ranges of what is considered ‘normal’ development.

As a parent or guardian, you may turn to a developmental pediatrician if you worry about delays in your child’s motor, language, or social skills; if you are concerned that your child might be on the autistic spectrum; or if you have developmental concerns due to known congenital or genetic conditions such as cerebral palsy or Down syndrome. At Mount Sinai, our team of physicians, nurses, and social workers treat young patients with potential developmental, learning, and behavior problems.

We provide your family with the guidance and support you need to address your child’s developmental progress. We provide in-depth evaluations as well as ongoing treatment. Our aim is to make the most advanced health care available, focusing on patient- and family-centered care.