What Parents Need to Know

Discover what parents and families like yours ask frequently about the Child Development Clinic.

What should we bring for the first visit?
We will send you a background packet for you to complete before your child’s first visit. We ask that you also bring any evaluation reports from other service providers including early intervention, committees on preschool special education, and the Committee on Special Education as well as recent medical records such as radiology and electroencephalogram reports. In addition, please bring copies of all recent learning/developmental evaluations and legal documents (such as an Individual Education Plan or an Individual Family Service Plan).

What happens during the first visit?
You and your child will meet with your doctor, who will gather history about your child and family. Then you will meet with our clinical social worker, who will collect additional information and help coordinate next steps for the evaluation. The first visit usually lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Do you communicate with teachers and other professionals who know our child well?
That depends on the individual child and situation. We do ask for most recent copies of any written documents from schools or early intervention providers. If we need more information, we may ask for your permission to speak with teachers, therapists, or other physicians. Unfortunately, we do not conduct classroom observations.

Do you provide early intervention services?
We see children of any age, including newborns, as a part of our practice. We refer to early intervention when needed, but we are not an early intervention agency. Our services are meant to complement or augment early intervention services.