Pediatric Emergency Care

If a child cannot breathe, is unconscious, or is severely hurt or sick, it is a true emergency. Call 911 and get your child to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Mount Sinai specialists in pediatric emergency care are dedicated to treating infants and children who have serious health conditions that require immediate attention. At our hospitals wherever we offer emergency services, we are available to treat your child, 24-hours a day, seven days a week. During these times of stress, our staff cares for your child and supports your family when you worry most about your child.

Pediatric emergency care is available to treat your child for serious physical and emotional conditions. Our emergency room physicians are here 24-hours a day to address medical conditions, sudden extreme injuries, to perform surgery needed due to an accident, or if your child’s mental health is threatened.  

We can help your child during any of the following situations with dangerous symptoms. 

  • A traumatic accident causes injury, such as when your child:
    • Gets serious burns or smoke inhalation from a fire
    • Has a drowning incident
    • Is hurt in a car accident or fall
    • Receives severe injuries to an arm, leg, or other parts of the body
  • Serious symptoms occur, such as when your child:
    • Becomes unconsciousness
    • Chokes
    • Develops an extremely high fever
    • Experiences severe pain
    • Has trouble breathing
    • Suffers a seizure
    • Vomits nonstop for a long period of time causing severe physical stress
  • Surgery may be needed, such as when your child:
    • Is cut and bleeding, and the bleeding cannot be stopped
    • One or several teeth are forcefully knocked out
    • There are other serious mouth or face injuries
  • During an emotional and mental health crisis, such as when your child:
    • Behaves in a changed and dangerous way
    • Cannot be calmed or consoled while acting extremely irrational and confused
    • Expresses suicidal thoughts or appears dangerously depressed

Our pediatric emergency specialists include nurses, social workers, and child life therapists, in addition to our pediatric emergency doctors who are on call to help your child and reassure you.

Emergency Care or Urgent Care?

In addition to our hospital emergency care locations, Mount Sinai has a network of urgent care locations that offer extended-hours and no appointment-needed visits. Urgent care is available for times when your regular doctor is not available to treat non-life threatening illnesses like colds, allergies, and minor injuries. Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s Pediatric Short Stay Unit offers the only observation unit in the area for children after receiving emergency care.

We can help you, as a parent or guardian, choose when urgent care is appropriate and if there is an urgent care location near you that is open when you need it.