Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat

At Mount Sinai, our pediatric ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors, also called otolaryngologists, partner with your family to manage common and complex ENT disorders in your child.

To provide your child the finest care, our otolaryngologists work closely with other experts in pediatric subspecialties, such as genetics, allergy, pulmonology, hematology-oncology, intensive care medicine, infectious disease, and gastroenterology as needed.

We treat a range of ear conditions including ear infections, hearing loss, perforated ear drums, cysts and pits, cholesteatoma, and congenital malformations. We also help with a variety of nose conditions, including nasal obstruction, congestion, allergies, deviated septum, sinusitis, nose bleeds, nasal fractures and trauma, foreign bodies, polyps, nasal masses, and choanal atresia. Common conditions in the throat include tonsillitis, enlarged tonsils or adenoids, snoring, sleep apnea, breathing problems, speech and swallowing problems, drooling, voice problems, hoarseness, tongue tie, cleft lip and palate issues, and velopharyngeal insufficiency. We also treat a number of neck concerns that children experience, including enlarged lymph nodes, infections, abscesses, cysts, draining pits, lymphatic malformations, vascular anomalies, and hemangiomas. Additionally, we treat difficulties in the airways including noisy breathing, laryngomalacia, vocal cord paralysis, and obstruction.

Treatments We Provide

At Mount Sinai, we perform a variety of surgical procedures to help children with ENT conditions. The most common are ear tube surgery; tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy; sinus surgery; sleep apnea surgery; neck mass surgery; and freuloplasty (which treats a tongue that is anchored to the floor of the mouth). We also perform pediatric polysomnography, audiology, speech therapy, and swallowing evaluations.

For more information on the diagnosis and treatments of ENT conditions, contact one of our featured locations in New York City.