Mount Sinai Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program

Poor sleep can affect children’s cognitive development, learning, mood, and growth, and impacts the entire family. Treating sleep issues early on can allow children to achieve their full potential.

Mount Sinai Pediatric Sleep Medicine Program is dedicated to the assessment and management of sleep issues in infants, children, and adolescents. Our faculty are board certified in pediatrics, sleep medicine, and pediatric pulmonology, and our sleep technologists have extensive training and experience working with families and children. Mount Sinai Children’s Integrative Sleep Center is our state-of-the-art sleep laboratory where we conduct a full range of sleep studies for children. We are uniquely qualified to treat sleep-related problems and will develop a personalized care plan tailored to your child’s needs.

In-person and virtual video consultations are available to discuss your child’s sleep patterns and medical history. We treat the full range of pediatric pulmonary, ENT (ear, nose, and throat), behavioral, and neurologic conditions through a multi-disciplinary team, and when needed refer families to other pediatric specialists affiliated with the Mount Sinai Health System.

The Mount Sinai Children’s Integrative Sleep Center is located within the Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. Under the leadership of its director, Jason Bronstein, MD, this facility offers a variety of sleep study testing procedures (e.g. diagnostic polysomnography, CPAP titration, etc.) in a family-friendly environment to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood sleep disorders and sleep-related problems in children. Sleep studies can help diagnose snoring or poorly sleeping children with obstructive sleep apnea, while office consultation with a sleep physician can assist in evaluation and management of various respiratory, behavioral, and neurologic sleep conditions.