Conditions & Treatment

Mount Sinai Pediatric Pulmonology uses an evidence-based approach to diagnosing, treating, and managing a broad spectrum of respiratory disorders in children of all ages. Our multidisciplinary team offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment, and performs both inpatient and outpatient consultations for chronic respiratory problems such as:

  • Asthma need not mean that your child must experience a childhood of limited activity. Our comprehensive team approach applies advanced treatments and medications to effectively control asthma. We perform pulmonary function testing, and we offer education and support services to family members to help your child. We also have a Complex Asthma Clinic that administers non-steroid-based medical therapies and actively runs study protocols for the most severely affected young patients.
  • Bronchopulmonary dysplasia is a common chronic respiratory condition of infancy. Our evaluation and treatment plans use infant pulmonary function testing and home ventilator management as a treatment.
  • Chronic cough can be very frustrating for your child, and for you. We use advanced techniques and technology to diagnose and treat a wide range of underlying conditions associated with chronic cough, such as foreign body aspiration, allergic rhinitis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, and psychosomatic cough. We use procedures including sweat testing, nasal ciliary brushing and analysis, and bronchoprovocation testing to determine the cause and best treatment for your child.
  • Tracheomalacia stems from a weak windpipe (trachea) that can cause loud wheezing, chronic/prolonged cough, a “barking” sound or noisy breathing. It can be misdiagnosed as recurrent bronchiolitis/bronchitis, croup, reactive airway disease, or even difficult-to-treat asthma. Infants with this condition may be misdiagnosed with other apparent life-threatening conditions. We generally diagnose this condition using flexible bronchoscopy and treat it with medical, or, in very severe cases, surgical interventions.

We also treat your child’s sleep apnea, oxygen and ventilator dependency, sleep disorders, snoring, stridor, and tuberculosis.